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General Dentistry


Your teeth are only as good as the foundations that support them. Poor oral health lead to conditions like heart disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease and low birth weight babies.

At Richmond Family Dental we work to ensure that the foundations of your teeth remain solid for as long as possible. To help us keep your foundations solid, we ask all our patients to attend regular six monthly oral examinations , as well as appointments with the hygienist. These appointments play a vital role in helping us identify potential problems with your teeth and gums.

We strongly believe that the best foundation for a stunning smile is a healthy mouth and that is why we take general dentistry very seriously and ask our patients for the same commitment.

We offer the standard preventative and general oral health services that any dentist would provide like tooth extractions, scale and clean, emergency dental care and root canal therapy.

Through a recommended treatment plan of your dentist , with the combined help of the hygienist, we can help prevent the need for treatment like regular fillings and extractions, and be kind to your wallet at the same time. The ongoing care that we provide will make your smile last longer.

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